February 3, 2023

The nation’s collective affection for Wordle, football and the late Queen was reflected in our online search habits this year.

Google has revealed the key terms Britons searched for in 2022 with the daily puzzle game who took the world by storm and surpassed everything before it.

It drove out the running World Cup and Queen Elizabeth IIin the light of her death in September.

Also on the list Ukraine and Russiaaccording to the full scale of the latter invasion of its neighbor in Februarywhile sidestream test (remember?) made the top five thanks to the Omicron variant early in the year.

Here’s the full top 10:

1 word

The simple online game became a viral phenomenon in early 2022which proved so popular it was quickly picked up by The New York Times.

2. World Cup

Nothing brings the country together quite like England at a major football tournament, and this year British interest was helped by Wales qualify for the first time in 64 years.

3. Queen Elizabeth

The UK led the world in mourning for Her Majesty’s death, when the monarch died on September 8 at the age of 96, sparking great interest as people memories of her reign – and asked how her historic burial would unfold.

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Timeline: From the Queen’s Death to the Funeral

4. Ukraine

The valiant efforts of the Ukrainian people to defend their homeland against the Russian invaders have captivated the British public throughout the year as the effects of the conflict are felt everywhere. from the gas pump to our electricity bill.

5. Sidestream test

Lockdowns seem like a distant memory, but the Omicron variant threatened many scheduled vacations in the first half of 2022, creating a huge demand for lateral flow testing (which was also no longer offered for free in the spring).

6. Bricklayer Greenwood

Manchester United attacker will be in court next year on charges of attempted rape, controlling and coercive conduct and assault.

Manchester United's Mason Greenwood leaves the Manchester Magistrates Court in Manchester
Mason Greenwood is going to trial next year

7. Russia

The other side of the war in Ukraine is also in the top 10, as the British searched for answers about why Russia decided to invade and what Vladimir Putin could plan the next one.

8. Riddle

Not content with standard Wordle, this variation of the popular word game challenges hardcore players to guess as many as four words in just nine tries.

9.Jeffrey Dahmer

Netflix’s Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story tapped our obsession with true crime storieswhile the series documented the crimes of the serial killer who claimed and dismembered the lives of 17 young men.

10. Johnny Dep

The libel process between Johnny Dep and ex-wife Amber heard spanned several weeks of 2022 and finally ruled in favor of the former Pirates Of The Caribbean star over a 2018 Washington Post article written by the actress.

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Heard ‘fears more Depp libel cases’

What else were people looking for?

An important year for TV and film, multiple crazy periods for British politics and some heartbreaking losses are also covered in Google’s review of 2022.

Despite being Prime Minister for only 44 days, Liz Truss was the fourth most wanted person – beaten only by Greenwood, Depp and Will Smith (the infamous Oscars slap did the heavy lifting there).

When it came to film, Disney’s hit musical Encanto led the way, despite being released in November 2021, as the annoyingly catchy We’re not talking about Bruno gave it serious staying power.

The most searched TV show of the year is Stranger Things, which also helped put Kate Bush at number three among musicians thanks to the prominent use of her 1980s classic Running Up That Hill.

And we’ve satisfied our curiosity with a wide variety of questions in 2022, culminating in “Is the Queen dead?”.

Other favorites that somewhat reveal the country’s priorities are “When is Father’s Day?”, “When is FIFA 23 coming out?” and “How many doors are there in the world?”.

We’ll come back to this once we know “how many countries end in stan”.

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