Worst airports for security queues revealed |  Travel news

Worst airports for security queues revealed | Travel news

Leeds Bradford has been voted the worst airport in the UK for security lines, with more than a quarter of people experiencing waiting times of more than an hour.

The average holdup on the West Yorkshire travel hub between February and August was 35 minutes, giving it the unwanted honor of having the longest of any nationwide delay.

It tops a list of 14 compiled by consumer group Which?, after nearly 1,300 people traveling from a UK airport over the course of six months were asked how long they spent queuing at security.

1. Leeds Bradford – Average 35 minute wait

2. Brussels – 30 minutes

3. Birmingham – 24 minutes

4. Manchester – 24 minutes

5. Heathrow – 20 minutes

6. Luton – 19 minutes

7. Belfast International – 18 minutes

8. Stanstead – 18 minutes

9. Edinburgh – 16 minutes

10. Gatwick – 16 minutes

11. Newcastle – 15 minutes

12. Glasgow International – 13 minutes

13. Belfast City – 13 minutes

14. London City – 12 minutes

Travelers reported waiting times at security of more than an hour at nine airports, including Bristol (17% of respondents), Birmingham (11%) and Manchester (8%).

Many UK airports struggled earlier this year to cope with a combination of increased demand following the end of COVID restrictions and staff shortages, with long queues, baggage problems and flight cancellations.

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How bad were UK flight cancellations?

Electronic screens were installed in Leeds Bradford in August to provide live updates on estimated waiting times to ease passenger frustration.

A spokesman said: “Earlier this year, like many UK airports, we had periods of long queues due to the rapid resumption of international travel following the lifting of pandemic restrictions.

“We were transparent about these issues at the time and worked hard to address those short-term issues.

“Since then we have significantly reduced the queues in our terminal.

“We remain committed to providing the best possible passenger experience at Leeds Bradford Airport and to be an outstanding airport for our region.”

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July: Baggage ‘mayhem’ at Heathrow Airport

The industry association, the Airport Operators Association, said airports have been working hard to recover from “one of the most restrictive travel regimes in Europe”.

The “overwhelming number of passengers have been able to enjoy the summer holidays with minimal disruption,” said a spokesman.

Guy Hobbs, editor of Which? Travel, travelers suggested avoiding airports with the worst wait times, even if that means choosing one a little further from home.

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